Franchise Navigator

January 11th, 2010
by admin

Franchise Navigator® is a market-validated, skills-based behavioral profiling and screening tool that identifies qualified franchise or licensing candidates in a matter of minutes. Almost 100 brands use Franchise Navigator and almost 15,000 individual, online surveys of either existing or potential business/franchise owners, have been conducted to date.

Prospective business/franchise owners: Want to know your profile? Franchise Navigator is a proprietary behavioral profiling and modeling assessment. The process begins with the online survey that takes 8 – 10 minutes to complete and asks you about your personal skills, values and needs.  This is the only real match that can be made in franchising.You can also use ConnectMe® to compare your profile to all of the high performer profiles in the Franchise Central inventory of opportunities.

Franchisors & Franchise Developers: Want to learn more about how Franchise Navigator can help you quickly identify your most-likely-to-succeed franchise candidates? Click here.

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